'40 years of great experience in hand made jewellery with highest quality of diamonds and colour stones'


Since BETA CLASSIC began the product and sales of diamond jewelry, we pay lots of attention on the design. In order to show the perfect side of diamond for people, we take the top design and handmade crafts in Italy. All the perfect diamond jewelry are made by hand. “We will use better design to make timeless classic for you.” This is we always insist on. The company was found several decades ago, now our diamond Jewelry are sold well in Europe, North America and South Asia. We have also the segments in Canada and Italy. The perfect cutting diamonds of Antwerp match the original classical top fashion of Italy, all of authority certificates, our diamonds Jewelry are worth you to own.

Beta Classic 致力于钻石珠宝生产销售以来,一直很注重设计,为了能将每一颗钻石完美的呈现在人们眼前,我们采用意大利的顶级设计和当地的手工制作工艺,用手工为您打造出豪华臻品。“用更好的设计,铸造永恒的经典”是 Beta Classic 的宗旨。公司经营各类钻饰珠宝,自创办几十年来,产品分布世界各地,并在意大利和加拿大分别开设分部。源自安特卫普完美切工的钻石,搭配意大利原汁原味的经典时尚,各项钻石权威证书保障,您值得拥有!


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